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From Our Chef's Table to Your Doorstep in Less Than 24 Hours!

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On Mondays, our meals are prepared fresh by our executive chef using the finest ingredients, and sealed airtight in single portion containers that are both oven and microwave-safe.

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Our meals are shipped via FedEx in temperature-controlled packaging, so your meals stay cool till you're ready to put them in the fridge.

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With every order, we donate meals to those in need across the Greater Toronto Area.

Meet the Chef

For nearly ten years, Brendan Prong has been a professional chef with worldwide experience in top restaurants from Shanghai, to Charleston, to Toronto.

Born and raised in rural Norfolk County, he was surrounded by some of Ontario’s renowned agricultural operations. After several years in the culinary industry, he went on to start his own farming operation where he focused on raising heritage pigs and poultry. Starting from the ground up, he gained more appreciation for food sources and began focusing on sustainable agriculture and food security.

Brendan works closely with farmers and purveyors throughout Ontario to find locally sourced ingredients to create new, delicious menu items. His goal is to perfect your dining experience, and save you time while enjoying our delicious creations.


Olive Oil, Honey & Parmesan Cheese: How to Tell if it’s Fake!

February 26, 2016

Eating healthy is really tough if you don't know what you're eating. With the aisles and aisles of choices at your local grocery store, it’s hard to keep up with how everything is made, and what it’s made with. Some of the products you buy all the time may not be what you thought you paid for. Here’s a list of everyday products, and how to tell if it’s fake or the real deal:  1. Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil may not be the real thing more than 70% of the time, according to a study by the University of California. Some manufacturers try to cut costs by diluting their olive oils with cheaper oils, like sunflower or canola,...

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